Career Paths

Certified Agile Professionals, such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Trainers help organizations with improved level of project management that leads to increased ROI. They have knowledge pertaining to and for anticipation of issues related to the practical implementation of Scrum. Though there is no mandatory prerequisite for most of the our certifications, it is always better to understand the hierarchy structure when deciding a career path. The diagram below shows you what is the preferred, as well as optional, certification to move up to the next level. Agile Certification Hierarchy

Since the 111LEARN Sales and Marketing Guide is geared towards Sales and Marketing professionals, or those who desire to work in this field, it is important to understand the six most common and often distinct career paths, or aspects, related to Sales and Marketing. The six Aspects of Sales and Marketing are:

  1. Marketing Strategy (MS)
  2. Marketing Research (MR)
  3. Digital Marketing (DM)
  4. Corporate Sales (CS)
  5. Branding and Advertising (BA)
  6. Retail Marketing (RM)

Figure below illustrates the six Aspects of Sales and Marketing and how they interact with each other.

Aspects of Sales and Marketing
Digital Marketing Sales Aspects

The two marketing Aspects that are shown in dotted lines at the top of figure(i.e., Marketing Strategy and Marketing Research) are referred to as “Essential Marketing Aspects.” Both of these Aspects are mandatory and should be used to define, measure, and provide direction to the overall marketing efforts of a company. The four remaining Aspects (i.e., Digital Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Corporate Sales, and Retail Marketing) are referred to as “Optional Marketing Aspects” because one or more of them could be used by a company to reach its marketing goals. For example, a small company creating mobile applications or online games may decide to solely use Digital Marketing; another company manufacturing heavy equipment may use only Corporate Sales; and a large consumer goods company or global fashion chain may decide to use all four Optional Marketing Aspects to reach its marketing goals.